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Adding A Sidebar For Specific Pages In WordPress

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010
Adding A Sidebar For Specific Pages In WordPress

Widgets are actually pretty damn cool

I used to think they were stupid, which is why I hard coded the sections pulling data for this blog. If you read my last post though, you will know I am building a theme for work and I had to use widgets. I gotta say, these things are handy. Now the client will be able to stick whatever he wants wherever he wants it. I did run into a problem though, which took me a while to solve.

I needed to get a widgetized sidebar onto a specific page, without showing up on any of the other pages. Luckily it was the blog page, which uses the index.php file within your theme folder, and not something where I would have to create a custom page for. I started the theme off of ‘TwentyTen’, and pretty much deleted all the content in all the theme files, meaning all I had left was the php that calls the header, footer, and sidebar. The function file remained the same other than adding the code to call jQuery from Google’s server, and renaming all the function names from ‘twentyten’ to ‘mythemename’ (not posting what it was really called, because it is irrelevant).


Learning While Building A Theme In WordPress 3.0

Friday, August 27th, 2010
Learning While Building A Theme In WordPress 3.0

I plugged it in, but it didn’t go to 11

Today I was going to write about an awesome plugin a coworker found and is using, which I tried out. The problem is, that it didn’t work for me, but I don’t believe it is the plugin’s fault. We deal with a lot of custom things at my work place, and I believe something could have been interfering with it. Not sure though. I did see it in action though and it worked incredibly well for him. It’s called MultiEdit and works with 2.9 and higher.

Ever need multiple places for a customer to be able to edit, that uses the same editor for posts and such? With this plugin it really makes WordPress a great CMS for regular sites, not just blogs. Not that it wasn’t before, this just makes it easier. To see screens, and instructions, visit there site. It was easy to install, and place the code, I just don’t think the environment I am working in played well with it. I’ll have to test it out in the project theme I am building.


WordPress Custom Fields, plus Compass/Sass tip: CSS inline images

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010
WordPress Custom Fields, plus Compass/Sass tip: CSS inline images

Set out to learn something…and I did. Now its your turn

I wanted to create images that I could use for each post showing that it belonged to a certain type of category. You look at the image, and without reading the title, you would say “Oh, this post relates to WordPress.” Same with jQuery, Blogging in general, or whatever category I come up with. Something my readers would come to recognize over time. I also wanted to be able to do it without having to stick it in manually in the post like I do with the other images I stick in articles. If you are on the home page you will already see this. That is the one I came up with for articles relating to WordPress.

Now, I can’t take credit for what I am about to show you. I learned how to do this fromJustin Tadlock’s blog, but I wanted to spread the love. This was the best tutorial I found on the subject.

Just 10 Easy Steps!

Here is my quick and dirty paraphrasing of it. Meaning, do EXACTLY AS IT SAYS BELOW.


I’ll show you my WordPress plugins if you show me yours

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

I thought sharing what plugins we all use in WordPress would make a good post. So as the title says, I’ll show you my plugins, if you show me yours.

Let’s start with the most important:

Akismet - If you are NOT using this plugin, you are…not…smart. That is the least insulting I can be with that. This thing has caught more spam than you can imagine. I mean a LOT. 488 spam comments to be exact. I’m talking viagra, porn, random crazy…you name it, it has caught it.

WP-Spam Free – Along the same lines as the above. Guess how many this one has caught? 511 as of this post. Insane right? I highly recommend these two more than you can know.

Login LockDown – This is a security plugin. Two things: if you login with admin as the username…you are again, an idiot. Create a new admin account with a different user name, then delete that one. Google it for more info. This plugin adds another step of security. It restricts the number of failed logins that can be attempted from a given IP range. Mine is set very low. I’m paranoid about this kind of thing, but I recommend it.


Had issues with my blog….WordPress theme scare

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

I was making some changes to my blog, and one of them was to change the version of jQuery I was using. I wanted to go to 1.4.2, but to make sure I had the most updated copy of my functions page (cause I do stuff to it on multiple computers), I downloaded the page. I was using Dreamweaver to do the ftp, cause it was a quick thing. Well the formatting was off in code, but I didn’t think anything of it. I made my change, and re-uploaded it.


Because when i logged in, instead of going to dashboard, I got redirected to a completely blank page. This has happened to others apparently. I renamed my theme so it would it would load the default one. That worked, so I knew it was within the Web Machine theme. Then uploaded my old copy of the functions page, with the original formatting, and bam everything was fixed. But how do you know it was not something you coded? Because all I changed was a number, and after I figured out the formatting thing, I again changed the number and it was fixed. Scared the hell out of me though.