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Product Review: Survd – Surveys In A Snap!

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011
Product Review: Survd – Surveys In A Snap!

Survd – Surveys In A Snap

NOTE: Just so you readers are aware, I was given a free copy of Survd to review. I’ve seen other people say this type of thing, so I am just covering myself.

Matt Ward has a good blog, which you may have heard of, called Echo Enduring. It wouldn’t be surprising, because he is part of Smashing Magazine’s Smashing Network. I don’t remember how I actually found him, but I’ve been reading his posts for at least half a year. I’ve commented on a few articles, and found Matt to be better than most writers, but he apparently does more than write blog posts though.

Matt has created a web app called Survd, a “simple app for creating surveys that runs on your own website, saving you hours of development time.” I wanted to see if that was actually true, but since I haven’t actually created a survey before, I wanted to try it out before I paid for it.

Please note that Survd requires jQuery, which shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

View Demo


Creating your own web dev tool kit – Part III: Apps that help

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Workflow applicationsAside from the basic software that we all use to do what we do, I thought I would list some other helpful software/web apps that help me in my workflow. I won’t go over editors and such, cause there are a billion and we all have our preferences (NetBeans and Dreamweaver for me!), nor will I go over the graphic programs (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator…). I’m talking about the other, OTHER applications we use from day to day to help us along.


Evernote imageLet’s start with my favorite, Evernote. If you haven’t read my very early posts where I mentioned this bit of awesome, I suggest you download it, which you can do here. Think of Evernote as a place to put all the crap that you want to remember, but can’t. Your brain has limited space, you can’t be expected to know all this stuff. Which is why the gods made Evernote. You create categories, create however many notes you want, tag the notes to make searching easy (I have one for jQuery and CSS so I can find that when I need it), paste links into it. One giant organized scrap book of knowledge.

Its what I use for all my code snippets and links to cool stuff, and how to do things I don’t have the memory for. The best part is, besides being free, after you create an account, you can access your Evernote notebook ANYWHERE. You can add stuff to it on your machine at work, you can go home, sync the account, and access it there. Your info is with you wherever you go. Download it. You won’t be sorry. Out of everything I use to do my job, THIS is one of the most important pieces.