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jQuery Slider Tutorial for beginners/dumbies….how I did mine

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

I have only been able to write javascript using the jQuery library for about 2 months now. I started with a great book: Javascript The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland (published by Pogue Press/ O’Reilly). Highly recommend it. It starts with a crash course in basic javascript, and then goes on into using jQuery.

I am going to assume that you have at least a little knowledge of it, and you googled for jQuery slider tutorial, or you found a link to my blog through one of my posts at other popular design blogs. Why am I writing this? Good question, and I have a good answer. At least it is the answer I wanted when I searched for the same thing.

I really like jQuery because of the stuff it lets me do without relying on Flash (overused in my opinion, but that is a different topic for another day…maybe tomorrow!). One thing really freakin’ sucks about it though. If you did what I did, and googled for something like this, then you will understand. Every damn search came back with a list of plugins. Yes, yes, plugins are cool, and I agree there are a lot of good ones. But I am not a pro yet and I actually want to learn how to do this stuff myself. There are very few good tutorials out there, and the ones that are, are seriously over complicated. So I am going to show you how I built mine and explain on the way what is going on. Sorry for the long intro, but hopefully you are still with me and will read on!