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Paprika to get organized, Microdata, and ranting

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Get organized

Paprika logo Let’s start with Paprika. I know in my post “Creating your own web dev tool kit – Part III: Apps that help” I told you about It is still a great little twitter app, but I have found that Paprika suits me better. It is just another little note taker type thing that lets me create projects with to do lists in them.

Paprika screenshot

As you can see from this little screen I have a project name of The Web Machine, an h1 tag that is the Things to do…, 3 tags (Design, Coding, and Articles), and something to do under each. Paprika is so easy to use, and along with the base amount of features that I want, I’ve made it my new to do list app. You do have to create an account, which is also stupid easy (like 4 fields to enter), after which they give you your own url. Login, and you are off.


Color Scheme Designer

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Color SchemeAnother cool link for you. A web app that will do a color palate for you. Pick a color, and it will create a color scheme in mono, compliment, triad, tetrad, and more. I struggle sometimes choosing colors for a design, and I think this will help a lot.

So check out Color Scheme Designer, and try it out. Very easy to use, and extremely well done.