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Quick post…checking out WP 3.0

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Just making a quick post about my foray into WordPress 3.0. As if you didn’t know, I use Host Gator for all my web hosting. I know I shamelessly plug them, but one of the reasons I love this host, is I can install a new WordPress installation on a click of a button, and entering text in a couple fields. Anyway, I created a new folder and installed it (2.9.2). I then did the auto upgrade to 3.0, and it took like 5 seconds with no problems. I then installed all of the plugins I have on this install, and activated them. This also went without a hitch.

I then tooled around in it. The feel is the same, and you will find everything where it should be. The menu editor is indeed cool. Very easy to use, and I only touched it for about a minute. Now that this trial went smooth, I think I will upgrade my version this weekend…AFTER I have backed up my database.

Please note: If you are going to upgrade, make sure to go to the WordPress forums and read through the instructions per version you have. If you have 2.9.2 like I did, deactivate your plugins before upgrading.

Added my first affiliate…and checked my stats

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Just a quick post. First, if you look in my sidebar, I added my first affiliate/advertiser. Host Gator rocks plain and simple. I know…uuuugggghhhh….why, dear god, does he have to add something like that to his blog? Well, a couple reasons. Some obvious. I’d like the blog to actually pay for my hosting. If not oh well. But, I’m not just putting any schlock up. I actually use them for my host. And before you just click off onto something else, at least read the reasons, ok? I’ve been with tons of different host companies. Some really sucked, one was pretty good. Host Gator though, is pure awesome.

Here we go:
1) They are cheap. With lots of different plans. From regular hosting, to reseller accounts, dedicated…you name it.
2) Do you like WordPress? How about Drupal? Joomla? phpBB (forums)? Or a ton of other crap? Then forget the manual install of this kind of thing. Guess how long it took me to install this WordPress blog? 5 freakin’ minutes. Few clicks of the mouse, and BAM! Damn thing is installed. Seriously, stupid easy.
3) Support is awesome. I use the IM with them whenever I have issues, and I always get the answer I am looking for.
4) Control panel is just plain ass kicking. Set up email accounts left and right, check an insane amount of stats, like what OS your visitors are using, what pages they are going to, what browsers they are using…a whole ton of stuff. For instance, 58% of the people that come here use Firefox. I love you guys! 13.1% use IE…you better not be using 6…I swear I’ll find you. Chrome users at 8.5, and Safari at 4.5%. Windows is obviously crushing for the OS at 81%.
5) NO PROBLEMS. I’ve never gone down in the 2 years I’ve been with them. Never had a problem reaching them….nothing. Love ‘em.

Soooo….if you are interested, click on the banner to the right and use the coupon code: webmachine. It will get you $9.94 off the package price you select.

If you are not interested…then don’t.

Oh, and thank you Nathan W. of Sass for the comment. I will indeed try upgrading Compass and haml/Sass again.

jQuery junkBox

This method will remove the parents of the matched element, while leaving the actual element in place. I can see the being useful if you want to replace what is there, or ditching a div.


This will unwrap the parents of any ul(s) in the element with the id of ‘container’.

Introducing the jQuery JunkBox

Friday, May 14th, 2010

I’m adding something new to the blog. Each post will now contain a tid-bit of jQuery knowledge. You will see it at the bottom of this one. In it will be little bits of jQuery…methods and how to use them, pointers, pretty much anything. By doing so, hopefully you will learn something, and I will too, by doing it. And it all starts tonight!

Oh, and I hit 13 subscribers! Go me!

jQuery junkBox

This method will return ALL siblings previous to the element with class ‘slide’, until it comes to a ‘ul’, and give it the color style of black. If it never hits a ‘ul’, then ALL previous siblings get the color black.

$('.slide').prevUntil('ul').css('color', '#000000');

Added some stuff to The Web Machine…(this blog!)

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

First, installed the TweetMeme to my blog posts. Its the thing you see to the right over there. If you are interested in getting it for your blog, you can download it here. Not that I expect it to get over used or anything, but wanted to try it out. It is available for any web page, embed it into your emails, or a WordPress blog such as this one.

Second, added the Blogroll. Why? Because I want to give shout outs to people that are not as well known in the web developer “community”. You know, doing my part to keep it alive! Can’t say I’m not trying. Of course though I had to add 2 that are my favorites, and they are of course very well known. The third one is by Joseph McCullough, a regular poster here, who has added some cool discussion. If anyone could please go there and help him out, he is having a bit of trouble at the moment with his category list.

Third, still tightening up some CSS as I go. Tomorrow, I would like to build the footer properly…or at least start it.

Fourth, added a bit of jQuery to add a target of blank to any external link:

$('a:not([href*]').attr('target', '_blank');

Now, I can stop doing that crap manually. Whew.

More work on the blog tonight

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Ok, even I find that there is no navigation to get back to the main page bothersome, and this is my blog. I will correct this tonight. I apologize for the inconvenience, but this design is a work in progress. I also have to do the footer, add stuff to the slider, and probably a lot of other little things.

Oh, and I upgraded my graphics card last night to a GeForce 9800GT, and got 2 new monitors…Samsung 21.5″ jobs… work will be really damn fun tonight.

Aaaannnnd I’m working on a wordpress theme to attempt to sell on that I have to get back to.

Big list of to do’s. I also want to post a really quick and dirty WordPress theme building tutorial. Ugh…too much.