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Web Design and Development Doom, Gloom, And Look At Me

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
Web Design and Development Doom, Gloom, And Look At Me

Web Design is dead!

No. No it is not. I am seriously getting fed up with some of the content that a bunch of the major blogs are putting up on their sites. Smashing Magazine posted an article last week that was very depressing. At least, if you believed it. All I saw was a “Come look at me, and comment!” I get wanting to drive readers to your site and all, but to post content that seems like the only reason it is there is to grab attention rather than inform is…well…lousy. This post might seem like it is bashing SM, but its not. They are just the easy target for this write-up because they have done it a few times this month. There are plenty others that feel the need to put a dark cloud over design and development.

How does one possibly kill the community?

By continually posting articles that the development/design field is going to be gone. So now you have a ton of people worried that their career choice will go the way of the dodo. Will this actually make people start looking for a career change anytime soon? Probably not, but it is definitely causing stress. This brings to mind the articles that were popping up about how the community is dead, or the sad state it is in. Yes the two links I have posted so far have been from SM, but I remember others that were not. Just go and do a search for it, you’ll find them. Is the community really dead? Hell no, its just not on the major player blogs anymore. There is better discussions on the not-so-known blogs. I think these kind of articles are doing more harm than they are bringing about interesting conversations, and sadly they are being brought about by the ones we all….used to…love.


Second Article Published On

Friday, September 10th, 2010
Second Article Published On

Hey everyone, my second article was posted on That link goes right to it, so please take a read an make a comment! Again, I’m very excited, and thanks to for publishing it!

Now go read it!

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Got published on!

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Yes I am freakin’ excited. Please check out my article at, called ‘The Real World Development vs The Optimum Way‘ and let me know what you think! There or here, I don’t care!

Oh ya, and I hit 200 subscribers!

Blogging…all in a night’s work!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010
Blogging…all in a night’s work!

It’s not just publish and you’re done

Tonight I thought I would take you through what it actually takes to blog. I mean the day to day crap. If you think it’s just write a post, publish and done, then you are seriously mistaken. There is a ton of other things involved that go on to keep a blog going. I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far, but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes here at The Web Machine, and I’m sure almost any other blog that has effort behind it. Besides the writing, there is the constant tinkering, rearranging, testing, security, moderating…the list goes on and on.

So if you are thinking about starting your own web development blog, read on, and then see if you are up to it.


My journey so far in writing a web development blog – tips for newbies

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

What is your reason for starting one?

I started this blog, at least seriously, back in January of this year. Yes, I wrote posts before that, but I was in the middle of redesigning my site, then designing this one, and who knows what else came up. Really though, it all began at the beginning of this year. If you are thinking of starting one of your own, let me tell you first hand, it is hard as hell. The best piece of advice I can give you is, you better have a reason that is important to you, because if you don’t, you will lose interest and the amount of posts you are doing dwindles to nothing.

So what is mine? Glad you asked, or this post would go nowhere. I am a senior web developer where I am employed, and I usually have to do a lot of helping with others that are not as advanced in web development yet. A while back we decided to have a sort of CSS class, where the the senior web devs showed the others how to do basic things, why things acted the way they did in certain browsers, and just basically build a page from scratch. One of the guys I was teaching, was at a lower level than normal, but he was extremely willing to learn, which made me want to show him more. He seemed truly interested in what I had to show. It was then that I realized I really like teaching people things and helping them through the problems they are having in development. What is even more awesome, is I am not the only one who noticed that this particular person got a lot better at what he was doing. I feel a certain kind of pride in that.

That was when I really started writing seriously here at what I call The Web Machine. I started out in print design, and made my way into development because I was getting burned out in print. Everything I have learned is because I read a LOT, have done and still do an insane amount of tutorials, and push my self to learn as much as I can. Every freakin’ day. Why is that little bit important? Because I didn’t have anyone telling me or pointing out how to do things. I had to learn it alone, and by doing it this way, I found out how to do things the right way…the very hard way. It is all of the crap that I had to do, that I want others to see and learn from quickly. A passing along knowledge that was gained through a lot of hard work and sweat. To me, that is the fun in it. The bonus is, I have learned so much more because I blog about it, which adds a second piece to my motivation in doing so.

What is YOUR reason?