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Update On Redesign Of And The Sass

Thursday, November 4th, 2010
Update On Redesign Of And The Sass

Home page is coming along

It is slow going because I am doing a lot of new things. At least for me. I’m using Compass and Sass, the HTML5 boilerplate, HTML5 tags that I am still coming to grips with, and who knows what the hell else. But I wanted to show you my .scss sheet so far, so you can see what is involved. You can learn a lot just by looking at stuff like this, so if you find it helpful, let me know!

What I’ve learned in the process

Holy crap…there is a lot. What has helped me the most is learning a little more of Compass. I was and still am an idiot in that area, but I think I have read most of the site now. There are a few things that evade my grasp, but for the most part, things are coming together.


YSlow & Minify…what it did for me…now you

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Yslow is a Firefox addon, I suggest downloading it. It gives you all sorts of cool stats on how your website is performing. Such as, an overall Grade and score, and most importantly, the number of http requests and the total weight of your page.

After downloading Yslow, here was the stats of my home page (

website stats1

Then, I downloaded something called Minify, which you can get here. It is a php script that combines all your css files into one, and all your js files into one. The directions are pretty easy.

Once you have downloaded it, put it on your server in the root directory, and open this url:

You then add all of your css files, in the order you have them in. Be careful here…if you have any @import in your main css file, it will screw it up. Trust me, I found this out before I actually read the line that tells you that. Once you have all the files listed, click on update. It then gives you the html to use to replace the linked css files. Plus a line to add to one of the minifier config files. I know, sounds scary, but on that build page, it tells you exactly what to do. Then you do the same for the js files.

What does all that crap get you? Read on!


Zen Coding for Aptana….nice little plugin!

Friday, January 15th, 2010

So, I’m finally getting away from Dreamweaver. There is no point to using it anymore anyway, since I never use the design view. Sure it does some things well, and it is for sure the absolute best WYSIWYG editors out there. I’ll use it for some things, but from now on, I’m going with Aptana. Its free and very customizable. I like the way it handles CSS and Javascript. You can create a new project and choose what js libraries you want to include into it. Very cool.

Its not very intuitive, and I’ve had to get a lot of help, but all-in-all, I’m diggin’ it. So, for those that actually already use it, this is for you.

Zen Coding is a nice little plugin with some real crap documentation. I only know how to do a few things with it so far, which I’ll let you know how to do.

First things first….get the plugin here (they have a ton of versions for different frameworks…including Dreamweaver.