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Want An Invite to Giving One Away!

Friday, January 14th, 2011
Want An Invite to Giving One Away!

Want an invite to Do one simple thing

Comment on my post “Informal Interview: Chris Eppstein – Creator of Compass.” A good comment too, not just “Nice interview” or “Great Post.” I’ll choose the comment I think is the best one, and the winner gets an invite to Simple, yes?

Could Social Media have its own crash like .com?

Friday, July 23rd, 2010
Could Social Media have its own crash like .com?

Brilliant idea…I wish I thought of it

Today, while commenting on the blog Do It By Hand, I clicked on another commenter’s link. It was mainly out of curiosity, but what it brought me to, and I can only believe that it is the actual commenter’s upcoming business, made my jaw drop. What could be so damn surprising that you were actually stunned by seeing it, you ask? Take a look at this, and then think for a minute before reading on.

CommentFlock image


Vacation time…

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Hello all. I’ll be on vacation from today till Sunday, so there won’t be any posts until then.

Added some stuff to The Web Machine…(this blog!)

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

First, installed the TweetMeme to my blog posts. Its the thing you see to the right over there. If you are interested in getting it for your blog, you can download it here. Not that I expect it to get over used or anything, but wanted to try it out. It is available for any web page, embed it into your emails, or a WordPress blog such as this one.

Second, added the Blogroll. Why? Because I want to give shout outs to people that are not as well known in the web developer “community”. You know, doing my part to keep it alive! Can’t say I’m not trying. Of course though I had to add 2 that are my favorites, and they are of course very well known. The third one is by Joseph McCullough, a regular poster here, who has added some cool discussion. If anyone could please go there and help him out, he is having a bit of trouble at the moment with his category list.

Third, still tightening up some CSS as I go. Tomorrow, I would like to build the footer properly…or at least start it.

Fourth, added a bit of jQuery to add a target of blank to any external link:

$('a:not([href*]').attr('target', '_blank');

Now, I can stop doing that crap manually. Whew.

Smashing Mag, NetBeans IDE 6.8, and a VERY cool jQuery slider

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Got a bunch of stuff here, so I’m combining it into one post.

First, Smashing Mag, if you weren’t on there on Monday…I believe, you might not know. Apparently they are in some financial trouble and were asking their readership to help them out by purchasing an e-book. I’m guessing they took on more than they could chew, but who really knows. What I do know, is that the e-book contains like 10 articles…8 of which have already been published, and two new exclusive items. For $10. Not a lot really, but for content that most of us who go there have seen? Bah. Better if they asked to buy their print book for $30.

NetBeans IDESecond, NetBeans IDE 6.8. I know there are a ton of IDE’s out there, and most people I know use Aptana. I always thought it was too bloated. I don’t use half the crap it comes with, and just a little too confusing to get things going. If you think its easy and awesome, that is fine. It IS good. But a co-worker of mine downloaded NetBeans and showed it to me. And it is exactly what I want. Nice and simple, supports Zen Coding (though not as much as I would like), subversion, ftp, and a great little Navigator Panel. It also has some damn awesome javascript features. I only saw that what it does with the Ext library, but I am going to assume it does the same for jQuery.

Lastly, I just saw an amazing looking jQuery slider done by Gilbert Pellegrom of Scotland. Here is a link to the Nivo slider.