Adobe Shadow, CSS Variables, Sass Stuff and More!

Adobe Shadow, CSS Variables, Sass Stuff and More!

Excited about web development again

I will admit that I had been just going with the flow and not really excited about things going on in our field for a while. The new job has changed that though. I’m working on a variety of things, and FINALLY learning again. When you are not learning anything new or doing the same repetitive things over and over, things get tedious. Where I’m at now has given me what I needed to recapture. Excitement in what I’m doing. Already I have picked up some new stuff that I didn’t know before, and things are changing again in the technology we use. So I thought I’d share some of this with you.

Adobe Shadow

Adobe Shadow logoIf you haven’t checked Adobe Shadow out, you should. I even figured out how to take a screen shot with my iPhone so you can see this. There are three things you actually need for this to work: the desktop app (Mac or Windows), the Google Chrome extension, and the free app for your phone (iOS/Android). Once you have all of them installed, its time to try it out. Make sure your phone and computer are on the same network by the way, or it won’t work.

Start the desktop app, then start the phone app, and open Chrome (obviously after you have the extension installed). You should have a little icon that says ‘Sd’ on it now. The Adobe Shadow app on your phone will give you a code number that you enter in the Chrome extension. Once you are connected, you can browse to the site you are working on and view it on your phone.

Adobe Shadow in action on

Now, why is this cool? because you can browse on multiple devices at the same time. You can have an Android phone, the iPhone, and computer all looking at the same time. Whatever you are looking at on your computer will display on the other devices. What is super cool is that you can inspect an element in Chrome, and it will show you inspecting on the phone as well. If you are using media queries, this is helpful. If you are using a framework like Sencha Touch or jQuery Mobile, I am not sure how helpful this is actually going to be, as the structures are going to be totally different. This is because while you are looking at the same site, the devices will show their appropriate version. Still cool and worth messing with.

CSS variables get published as first working draft!

Ask and you shall recieve! While variables is the least of the cool things if you are currently using Sass/LESS, it is at least a step in the right direction for CSS. I’m sure the syntax is going to suck badly, but I’m not going to complain. This was needed. Go read what Tab Atkins wrote about CSS Variables. NOW!

Sass Stuff and more

Couple more items for you to think about, go get. If you find you want to use the Twitter Bootstrap, but want to incorporate it using Sass rather than Less, well you are in luck. Some one has already done it for you and created the Sass Twitter Bootstrap.

Annnnd one last little bit for you. Want to see what your Javascript looks like it CoffeeScript? Dump your code at Js2coffee and see!

That is a lot of cool stuff, so check it all out and let me know what you think about any of it!

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