Web Development In 2011 Part 1: There Is No Charge For Awesomeness

Web Development In 2011 Part 1: There Is No Charge For Awesomeness

Better than I expected

We are coming up on May, and I started thinking about what is going on in web development in the past few months. It occurred to me that things are actually better than I thought in terms of what is evolving and being created/used. This could be because of a shift in what I actually read now compared to the last year or two. I am way less worried about trends and what the new flavor of Javascript library is. Which is good. Don’t get me wrong, I read about those things still, but I judge more on how useful they are to me rather than “Everyone is using it, so it must be awesome!” I have noticed a change though on what people are discussing. It seemed like last year it was about cool CSS3 buttons and how to make ridiculous crap with all the new CSS properties, but only worked in one or two browsers. There is still some of that, but the amount of articles about it seems greatly reduced.

What is better?

Again, this could also be because I am reading different blogs, but it appears to me that there is swing from creating stupid things because they are new, to making existing things better. What are some examples you ask? Good question! Here are some I have seen:

HTML5 Boilerplate

It went to version 1, so what? Well, that isn’t the awesome part really, but the fact that you can customize your build of it is. Don’t want the mobile stylesheet? No problem, take it out. How about jQuery? Want to use Modernizr or html5shiv? The custom version now allows you to select what you want in your build of the boilerplate, and that is handy. Yes you can do that stuff yourself, but now you don’t have to. On top of that, the mobile version came out as well.

WordPress TwentyTen theme goes HTML5

I’m not sure how big of a deal this is to anyone but me really. I build my themes by stripping out the TwentyTen files and starting from there. So I have to rename all the functions, stylesheet, and a bunch of other crap. I had been thinking of making a starting base theme that incorporated HTML5, but now I don’t have to. Now I just have to download the files and actually make a starting point version of it.

Compass gets an app

When I first started using Compass and Sass, I didn’t know the command line at all. I barely know much more now, but I can at least get Compass to do what I want know. This app makes it very easy to use Compass, so if the whole command line thing scares you, you can skip that part now. You can read the post I wrote about Compass.app here.

Ruby on Rails 3.1 gets CoffeeScript, jQuery, and Sass

I’m teaching myself Ruby at the moment, and I haven’t gotten into Rails yet. But when I do, I’m pretty sure this will be great news. I have no idea on when the release date is, but I can’t wait to read more about these additions. I love Sass and jQuery, and I know CoffeeScript is gaining some ground, so I’m pretty sure we are going to be reading more about this when 3.1 hits the interwebs.

Great start to 2011

So far I am pretty pleased with how the year is going in terms of what is going on in the web development realm. There seems to be more focus on improving already great tech/items, rather than look at this useless piece of flashiness. I’m done caring about things that only work in one browser, like CSS3 blur effects using animations. Bring on more stuff that we can use now, that isn’t just an experiment.

Let me know of any more awesomeness that should be listed here!

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