Getting back from my vacation from web development

Getting back from my vacation from web development

A needed break

I took the week off during the Thanksgiving holiday. I didn’t realize I needed it until I was already two days in. The first day I was just waiting for a call from work to say something was jacked up and needed to be fixed. Thankfully the call never came. The second day of my vacation I wanted to sit in front of the computer and do some work of my own, but forced myself away. I was on a break after all, I should enjoy it right? After that, it was heaven.

Sometimes you need a break to make you realize you were dangerously close to getting burned out without even knowing it. I love what I do, as most of do, but as I have found the past week…you just have to get away from it for a while. I hadn’t had any time off this year until then, so it was very weird not doing ANYTHING related to web development. I thought about it a lot, but I didn’t touch the computer. And you know what? I feel soooo much better. Sorry I didn’t post, or tweet, or whatever, but trust me when I say I needed to go away for a week.

What now?

I’m recharged (except for having a damn cold) and ready to go. What are my plans? Ruby. I am setting goals for myself to learn this, which is the first time I have done something like that. Which tells me I am really dedicated to getting this language down. More Sass and Compass, which of course drags CSS into it. If I can’t get one person to use Sass within the next year, I am going to be pissed. That will be goal number two: get someone to convert to using Sass.

I think most of you have noticed that I am writing twice a week now, which has been helping because it leaves me more free time to carry on with my own thing. It also helps in thinking more about what I am going to post about. Before I was post 4 times a week and was starting to struggle with topics to write about. Two times cuts down on crap. There, I nailed three goals. Good enough. Oh wait, I’m also going to launch my redesign. Probably gonna post the home page tonight just so I can stop worrying about it. It looks good in FF, Safari and Chrome, I just have to do some adjustments for IE and I’m good to go.

Project: Freelance Cam

I recently scooped up a nice freelance project that I am going to start working on that is going to be done in WordPress. Yes I will be using Sass/Compass, along with the HTML5 Boilerplate, and some other things I can’t think of, but I will drag you along for the ride from step 1 to the end to show you newbies how a complete website is done. Oh, I lied though, I won’t have it on camera. That would just be boring as hell.

Spoon and Microsoft screw my development process

If you were reading my tweets just before Thanksgiving, you will know that Microsoft has asked Spoon to take down the IE browsers off of their browser sandbox. This was an essential part of my development process because it enabled me to test all versions of IE at the same time, and very quickly. Now that MS has stupidly taken the best resource out there to test 4 versions of their crap browser on the same machine away from me, I am forced to use IETester. NOT the same thing. Why the HELL would you hamper developers by taking away such an awesome tool? Do you want sites to look like crap on your garbage browsers? Sure seems like it, because you are hurting the developers big time by doing that. I literally can’t find words to describe how much this pisses me off.

So there you have it

I took a much needed break, I am ready to dig in and learn some new things, and feel happy (EXCEPT FOR THE SPOON THING!). I’m going to drag you along with me for the ride, and hopefully show you some cool crap along the way.


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