Web Design and Development Doom, Gloom, And Look At Me

Web Design and Development Doom, Gloom, And Look At Me

Web Design is dead!

No. No it is not. I am seriously getting fed up with some of the content that a bunch of the major blogs are putting up on their sites. Smashing Magazine posted an article last week that was very depressing. At least, if you believed it. All I saw was a “Come look at me, and comment!” I get wanting to drive readers to your site and all, but to post content that seems like the only reason it is there is to grab attention rather than inform is…well…lousy. This post might seem like it is bashing SM, but its not. They are just the easy target for this write-up because they have done it a few times this month. There are plenty others that feel the need to put a dark cloud over design and development.

How does one possibly kill the community?

By continually posting articles that the development/design field is going to be gone. So now you have a ton of people worried that their career choice will go the way of the dodo. Will this actually make people start looking for a career change anytime soon? Probably not, but it is definitely causing stress. This brings to mind the articles that were popping up about how the community is dead, or the sad state it is in. Yes the two links I have posted so far have been from SM, but I remember others that were not. Just go and do a search for it, you’ll find them. Is the community really dead? Hell no, its just not on the major player blogs anymore. There is better discussions on the not-so-known blogs. I think these kind of articles are doing more harm than they are bringing about interesting conversations, and sadly they are being brought about by the ones we all….used to…love.

Want to know to really drive people to your site? Post an article with an obviously charged topic, like making “green” websites. Personally, I thought this article was absurd, but I could really care less about what the article said. It mentioned some things you should do regardless on your thoughts of saving the environment, such as image optimization. My issue with this is that, one, the author claims in the comment section that she was surprised about what people were saying about being green. There was bashing, counter-bashing….basically one giant troll fest. What the HELL, did you think was going to happen? Forget that the whole subject of “green” being political or not, we all know people have very passionate views on either side of the topic. This might have been the author’s idea, and I believe it truly was on her part, of making people think, but there was NO way SM thought that. Well, maybe they did, but I am willing to put money down on them knowing it would drive in the comments and retweets and THAT was their driving force in publishing it.


By now, you might be thinking I hate SM. Not true, but are definitely NOT up on the top of my care list. BUT, I will give them credit on posting a rebuttal to the ‘Does The Future Of The Internet Have Room For Web Designers?’ with this article. Now this author, he gets kudos in my book. His other article on a similar subject as the one I am writing right now, pretty much sums up my feelings on this whole thing. Michael, if you read this, which I doubt, but if you do…I applaud you.

More silver linings, and lets up the ante guys

Oh I know, this comes off as a bitch fest. Its more of a piece to let others know, not all of us worship the big boys in the design/dev blog arena. I used to love most of the same blogs as you do. I won’t mention the others, because I don’t want to offend. SM is just an example in this writing, because they can take it (and have in the past), and they are the obvious. I do my best to offer good content here, but I am just one guy who does this for the love of it. I want beginners in the field to learn, know how cool it is to do what we do, and hopefully help them in some way. The bigger blogs should be striving to do the same, and do it better. Writing articles that just seem to bring us down and make us feel like our jobs are in danger or the field will disappear in the near future, isn’t helping. All it does it add stress, bickering, and possibly turn people away from development and design. Bad form.

If SM and the larger blogs are really interested in keeping the community alive and make it thrive, post some uplifting articles. I’m tired of reading the doom and gloom garbage. You are turning me away, and I doubt I am the only one. Thank the gods there are people like Micheal Aleo that are willing to call bullshit on them. Want to see some silver linings in those dark clouds that are being posted? Stand up and tell them enough.

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