Review of WPBids WordPress Theme

Review of WPBids WordPress Theme

I bought a theme

Yes I bought a theme, stop your yelling please, it is hurting my ears. I’ve bought WordPress themes from before, but it was to see how they did their admin panel. Worst idea ever, because they were obviously created by people who knew their PHP very well. So why in the name of all that is good, why I purchase a theme when I could very well have created a custom one that did the same thing for me? Time. I could have easily created something similar and more to my liking, but I had sent out an email to someone that responded back to send them a proposal. I wanted it to look good, and I wanted to have it out quickly so that the idea of redesigning her website didn’t leave her head.

If I had decided to create the theme myself, it might have taken me a couple of weeks because of how picky I am with my own designs. Designing for yourself, as you all know, is way different than designing for a client. By the title of this post, you know I purchased the WPBids theme, so let’s get on with the review.


The damn thing costs $59! Ya, you read that right. This is a theme that thousands of others are going to be using, so why would anyone pay that amount? Because while the design is simple, it does exactly what you need it to do. Oh, and you can do it quickly. I figure that price is worth it because one project gained by it already covered the cost. It then became a no brainer.

Look and style

There are 4 different stylesheets to choose from: Teal (which I am using), Red, Black, and Blue. Red is ok but not great, and Blue is just plain bad. I did like the Black but some of the text was gray on top of the black, which made it very difficult to read. Teal had a more professional feel to it, and every thing was very clear.

This theme is built to do one thing: proposals. Don’t expect anything fancy, cause you won’t find it. No sliders, no crazy navigation – because there is really only one page for clients to see. It doesn’t need any of that anyway. Sure, you could spruce it up with whatever you want, but then you are taking away from what you are trying to do with it. I think in this regard, this theme is brilliiant. Get a nice looking online proposal to the client quickly – nothing more, nothing less.

The home page

There is a home page, but I would recommend what one of their videos say to do, which is make it private. Why? Because the home page is really for you. It is just a list of all the different proposals you have written up. You don’t want clients seeing what you are charging other clients, because that could cause some awkward situations. It is really easy to do this.

  • Create a page called Home, and set it to the Root Template
  • Go to your Settings and change the home page of the site to be that new page
  • Go back to the Home page, and on the right side under Publish, click on Edit next to the Visibility option
  • Set the visibility to private
  • Go to Appearance – WPBids comes with its own options section there – and enter a url for the site to redirect to

After doing that, anyone who is not logged into the admin section, will be redirected to the url you entered if they try going to the home page. This is a must if you have multiple proposals.

The list on the home page also shows the url you will give to the client. I refuse to say URI by the way, its just a thing of mine.

The themes options

Besides being able to change stylesheets, there are a bunch of other options to edit. From what contact information to put in, adding a logo, what goes in the footer…stuff I would normally do manipulating a theme’s actual PHP files, but with this type of theme this is all you really need. I’m not sure what other options you would want other than what they give you, so I give them an A for this.

The proposal itself

The proposal is just a custom post type with a couple of additional fields. The title is what your are proposing to do for the client, but everything else works like a normal post. There are two fields added for the client’s name, and the company’s name. The main topic points that you would write about, like Goals and Objectives, you set to h2 tags, which all line up on the left. The content for each then lines up on the right. Very simple and quick. I like it.

Final thoughts

WPBids is a theme for exactly one purpose – sending out an online proposal. Would I use this for anything else? Hell no, but that is the point and why I think it will be successful, if it isn’t already. It isn’t meant for anything else. I bought it for the ease of use, the professional look, and quick deployment. If you do freelance work, I highly recommend buying this theme.

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  1. Brian says:

    Thanks for the detailed review! Glad WP Bids is working out for you.

    • jcDesigns says:

      Well, thanks for the comment! I had someone that was interested in a site redesign, and asked for a proposal to be sent to them. I didn’t want to spend the time to create a custom theme, and I remember getting a tweet from someone about WPBids. I’ll be using it for proposals from now on. Good job sir!

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