Learning While Building A Theme In WordPress 3.0

Learning While Building A Theme In WordPress 3.0

I plugged it in, but it didn’t go to 11

Today I was going to write about an awesome plugin a coworker found and is using, which I tried out. The problem is, that it didn’t work for me, but I don’t believe it is the plugin’s fault. We deal with a lot of custom things at my work place, and I believe something could have been interfering with it. Not sure though. I did see it in action though and it worked incredibly well for him. It’s called Page.ly MultiEdit and works with 2.9 and higher.

Ever need multiple places for a customer to be able to edit, that uses the same editor for posts and such? With this plugin it really makes WordPress a great CMS for regular sites, not just blogs. Not that it wasn’t before, this just makes it easier. To see screens, and instructions, visit there site. It was easy to install, and place the code, I just don’t think the environment I am working in played well with it. I’ll have to test it out in the project theme I am building.

It’s a learning process

So while I am building this theme, which is my first real jump into 3.0, I got to see the differences under the hood. The new navigation editor is actually really well done. Very simple to use, and get running on your site. The only problem, and this might or might not be for you, is that the drop down part of the menu, does not work in IE6. Did some searching, and found that with some scripts you actually can get it to work, but I didn’t feel the need for it, and I’m going to be using jQuery to display a full nav else where if the it detects IE6 as the browser being used. Other than that, it works great.

I am also working with widgets for the first time. I’ve used them once before, but on my blog here, I used other code to get what I wanted to display. The widgets seem a lot easier to use than before, but I could be wrong. If you start with the TwentyTen theme as a base, then you have a ton of widgetized sections to work with. There are two in the sidebar, and four in the footer. There is base code in the theme that displays things like Blogrolls, Categories and other such things if there are not any widgets being used. This might have been available in earlier versions, but again, I always used other code for that.

I learned a lot today by building through some of this theme, on what makes a good theme to be able to sell. Such as, if you haven’t widgetized your theme, it is probably not going to work well with someone’s site that is. I feel much better now to be able to create a WordPress theme for sale knowing how this works. Very easy to create more widget spots, too, if you need them.

One thing to note is that I upgraded to 3.0.1 from 2.7 code, and it worked well. All I did was turn off the plugins, delete the wp-admin and wp-includes directories (go and actually read the instructions, don’t follow what I am saying here, because I don’t know your setup), upload all the new files, re-activate the plugins, and everything was fine. I am now not so paranoid with upgrading The Web Machine to 3.0.1, since I am at 2.9.2.

Holy great amounts of CSS Batman!

Ok, so it is now using Eric Meyer’s CSS reset, which is good, but dear lord the TwentyTen CSS file just seems bloated as hell. I believe next time I am going to dump a ton of it and go from there. I saw a bunch of stuff that made it obvious IE6 wouldn’t be happy, like the ‘>’ selector and the :hover pseudo class being used on elements other than ‘a’ tags. If someone would care to explain why I would do this:

ul li > a {
color: #ffffff;

Over this:

ul li a {
color: #ffffff;

That would be great. I’m just not sure when you would use one over the other.

All in all, I am very impressed

It is a slow process right now, because I’m learning a little while I go, but overall I would highly recommend 3.0.1 to anyone. Seems tighter, and a little easier to read. Oh, and the TwentyTen theme is commented really well, so changing it up to a custom theme is easy. Not that I don’t know what I am doing, but there is some stuff I have to do in this site, that I am not sure how to accomplish.

Anyone have any experience with 3.0? Let’s hear how you like it!

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jQuery junkBox

$(‘A ~ B’)
This selector with match the ‘B’ elements that follow and have the same parent as the ‘A’ element. So below, it will find all the ‘p’ tags that follow ‘ul’ tags that have the same parent, and give them the class ‘blueHighlight’.

$('ul ~ p').addClass('blueHighlight);


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