Could Social Media have its own crash like .com?

Could Social Media have its own crash like .com?

Brilliant idea…I wish I thought of it

Today, while commenting on the blog Do It By Hand, I clicked on another commenter’s link. It was mainly out of curiosity, but what it brought me to, and I can only believe that it is the actual commenter’s upcoming business, made my jaw drop. What could be so damn surprising that you were actually stunned by seeing it, you ask? Take a look at this, and then think for a minute before reading on.

CommentFlock image

If you build it, they will come

Right now you are probably thinking something along the lines of what I was. That is incredibly stupid. Who would pay a company to have people go to your blog and comment on it? Think really hard about that, because I have experience in seeing people pay for some incredibly stupid stuff, like setting up social media accounts. Why would they pay for that? They don’t have time, they don’t understand how or what it really is but they know they want it, or maybe they are not internet savy enough. Who knows, but the point is people do.

Now think about this service that CommentFlock is offering. Say you are a new blogger, and you don’t have the patience it takes to build a readership following. You want people to come to your blog and think you are writing something terribly important. “This blog must be awesome, look at all the comments each post has!” That is what you would want anyone visiting your blog to think. How do you do this quickly? You pay these guys, who pays other people to go and comment on your blog. They say on that page that up to 20 different commenters will come to your blog and post something up, and interact with the conversation taking place with the ‘real’ visitors.

As much as I hate the idea of what this guy/company is going to be doing, I see the potential because I know people will pay for it. All they need to think is that it will drive people to their site, and they will fork over the cash. It’s brilliant. Of course this made me think of something else.

Could there be a Social Media crash?

All of the above was just to get you thinking about what I’m going to write about next. Could this kind of thing lead to a Social Media crash? Not as drastic as the .com, but still influential. Think of all the social media sites that keep popping up out of no where. I swear I read about a new one every day. Then think of all the other sites that might try to cash in on the success of them. Advertisers, CommentFlock type companies, whatever. Think of all the tweets you get that are just retweets of other tweets. Some new article comes out on one of the major design/developer blogs, I get about 5 tweets from different people about it, and I am not following more than like 20 people. Then you go to a blog that is crammed full of robot like comments sent from CommentFlock. More companies start doing the same thing, and soon you might have robot comments actually talking to other non-real comments. Soon, you can’t tell what comment is pure crap, and which is real.

I know you are thinking that is all far fectched, but all the automatic stuff being sent by twitter, be it advertising, retweets, or randomly generated stuff, then these fluff comments, and who the hell knows what else could be coming, will all start to add up to a TON of useless info. I am beginning to wonder if there is a threshold for the amount of crap data being sent by all of these different social media sites that people are willing to take.

Just asking you to think about it

My point isn’t really about the comment company. It’s about all the useless stuff being sent through it. I love twitter, but I wish I could filter out tweets that are duplicates. I love reading blog comments (I like getting them too!). What if though, companies start taking advantage of social media in a way that it becomes so annoying. Will people drop off those services because they are getting more crap than good out of it? What about the companies that rely on the actual social media services themselves to make money if people did say screw it? Obviously there is no danger right now of something like that happening, but what about 5 years down the road when social media isn’t so new?

Just something I pondered today. Thoughts?

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  1. Joseph McCullough says:

    Over-rated, unpredictable, unstable: Lebron James? Or social media?

    • jcDesigns says:

      LOL! Thanks for making me laugh Joseph. I noticed that the dates are gone now from your blog. Did you do that on purpose? I actually thought they looked cool on that theme.

      • Glad I could be of use. I did take them down intentionally. I’m not a fan of rounded rectangles. The main content rounded-rectangle is more than enough for me.

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