WordPress 3.0, some links, lets exclude people, and more!

Sooooo….what to talk about. Well, lets start with the WordPress 3.0. Its out, as you all know (unless you are living under a rock), and has a ton of great new features. One of which I can’t wait to see, is the new menu manager. I’d like to try everything really, but I’m scared as hell. I went to the WordPress forum and saw some really scary stuff. “Hey, why is my admin page all white?” or “Where did my blog go?” kind of thing. Most of the problems seem to come from plugin compatibility. That is where I’m nervous. I have some plugins that might not go well with 3.0, and I don’t want to lose them. If anyone has upgraded from 2.9.2, to 3, please take a look at my post about my plugins, and if you know of any that will not work, let me know. I would be most greatful.

Next up, some links. I don’t know why all of a sudden these are popping up now, but apparently people think that code snippet sites are the “bomb.” Why not use Evernote? Do you really have time to go to a site and just browse through snippets that people have come up with? I sure don’t. But if you are indeed one who does, here are two new ones: smipplr, and codesnipp.it. If you would be so kind and let me know if you find sites like these helpful, or if you use them? A small comment review on one would be helpful. I struggle to wrap my mind around the usefulness of these things. Its like they are trying to come up with a social network site for us devs/designers, but this is all they could come up with.

Now you are probably wondering what the hell I mean by the “lets exclude people” in the post title, eh? Well I came across yet ANOTHER site that is invitation only. Here is a link, if you are interested. This I guess could be called another of my mini rants. In fact, I should come up with a section for each post called that, but then I would come off as being too negative. I don’t want that, because I’m not a negative person. All these sites coming out that are by invitation only are pissing me off. Its yet another site that only a select few, and most likely only the elite top, are going to get invited into. Of course I sent my info just to see if they hand one out to me, when a though popped into my head. Let’s say I did get invited, or any site that is invitation only like Dribble. I wonder if someone would pay for the actual account? I get in, then sell it off to someone who doesn’t really have a chance of getting invited. Would you pay for the chance to be in, and maybe get your site/blog noticed because you are on there? Something to ponder my friends. I think someone out there would.

And on to the more. Smashing Magazine is having a CSS3 contest. Check it out and have at it. They say go nuts, but honestly, after seeing that twitter whale css3 thing (you can see it on the contest page), I just don’t have the time to spend on something like that. I know CSS3 can do some amazing crap. We’ve all seen it. I’m just not about to create some crazy thing using a stylesheet, that can be done in 10 minutes in Photoshop. That is me being a hard ass and sticking to what I believe (really, I would love to…I just don’t have the hours/days to do it).

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This method will wrap HTML around all the matched elements. The example below wraps a div with a class of ‘borderHighlight’ around any element with the class of ‘content’.

$('.content').wrapAll('<div class="borderHighlight" />');

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