Quick post…checking out WP 3.0

Just making a quick post about my foray into WordPress 3.0. As if you didn’t know, I use Host Gator for all my web hosting. I know I shamelessly plug them, but one of the reasons I love this host, is I can install a new WordPress installation on a click of a button, and entering text in a couple fields. Anyway, I created a new folder and installed it (2.9.2). I then did the auto upgrade to 3.0, and it took like 5 seconds with no problems. I then installed all of the plugins I have on this install, and activated them. This also went without a hitch.

I then tooled around in it. The feel is the same, and you will find everything where it should be. The menu editor is indeed cool. Very easy to use, and I only touched it for about a minute. Now that this trial went smooth, I think I will upgrade my version this weekend…AFTER I have backed up my database.

Please note: If you are going to upgrade, make sure to go to the WordPress forums and read through the instructions per version you have. If you have 2.9.2 like I did, deactivate your plugins before upgrading.


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