I’ll show you my WordPress plugins if you show me yours

I thought sharing what plugins we all use in WordPress would make a good post. So as the title says, I’ll show you my plugins, if you show me yours.

Let’s start with the most important:

Akismet - If you are NOT using this plugin, you are…not…smart. That is the least insulting I can be with that. This thing has caught more spam than you can imagine. I mean a LOT. 488 spam comments to be exact. I’m talking viagra, porn, random crazy…you name it, it has caught it.

WP-Spam Free – Along the same lines as the above. Guess how many this one has caught? 511 as of this post. Insane right? I highly recommend these two more than you can know.

Login LockDown – This is a security plugin. Two things: if you login with admin as the username…you are again, an idiot. Create a new admin account with a different user name, then delete that one. Google it for more info. This plugin adds another step of security. It restricts the number of failed logins that can be attempted from a given IP range. Mine is set very low. I’m paranoid about this kind of thing, but I recommend it.

Feed Statistics – This one just tells me how many rss subscribers I have, among some other stats (31 if you are interested).

Google XML Sitemaps – Creates an XML sitemap that helps search engines.

Light SEO – Says it all, SEO plugin.

TweetMeme Retweet Button – This creates the green retweet button on each of my posts. Not really doing much at the moment, but it might later.

WordPress Database Backup – I am at a point now, where I have a lot of data on this blog that I do not want to ever lose. This lets me perform timely backups, that can be emailed to you, downloaded, or stored on your server. I chose download, cause I don’t want that stuff just sitting on my server.

(Just stupid note…watching Deadliest Catch…sad that the one captain is dead)

WP-Syntax and WP-Syntax Colorizer – These allow me to drop in code to show you stuff, and to change the style colors of it. It is a bit tricky to set the styles, and a couple of them I couldn’t figure out. But awesome plugins none the less.

That is all of mine. I try not to add frivolous plugins. I don’t want it cluttered up. If it isn’t of any real use, then I don’t want it. There are literally thousands out there, and I am very curious what everyone else is using. Post what you have, and lets see if there isn’t something out there I’m missing.

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jQuery junkBox

Here is a method I had no idea about. It will display or hide the matched elements with a sliding motion. Pretty damn cool!



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  1. Cool post. I’m about to snag some of those plugins right now.

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