Added my first affiliate…and checked my stats

Just a quick post. First, if you look in my sidebar, I added my first affiliate/advertiser. Host Gator rocks plain and simple. I know…uuuugggghhhh….why, dear god, does he have to add something like that to his blog? Well, a couple reasons. Some obvious. I’d like the blog to actually pay for my hosting. If not oh well. But, I’m not just putting any schlock up. I actually use them for my host. And before you just click off onto something else, at least read the reasons, ok? I’ve been with tons of different host companies. Some really sucked, one was pretty good. Host Gator though, is pure awesome.

Here we go:
1) They are cheap. With lots of different plans. From regular hosting, to reseller accounts, dedicated…you name it.
2) Do you like WordPress? How about Drupal? Joomla? phpBB (forums)? Or a ton of other crap? Then forget the manual install of this kind of thing. Guess how long it took me to install this WordPress blog? 5 freakin’ minutes. Few clicks of the mouse, and BAM! Damn thing is installed. Seriously, stupid easy.
3) Support is awesome. I use the IM with them whenever I have issues, and I always get the answer I am looking for.
4) Control panel is just plain ass kicking. Set up email accounts left and right, check an insane amount of stats, like what OS your visitors are using, what pages they are going to, what browsers they are using…a whole ton of stuff. For instance, 58% of the people that come here use Firefox. I love you guys! 13.1% use IE…you better not be using 6…I swear I’ll find you. Chrome users at 8.5, and Safari at 4.5%. Windows is obviously crushing for the OS at 81%.
5) NO PROBLEMS. I’ve never gone down in the 2 years I’ve been with them. Never had a problem reaching them….nothing. Love ‘em.

Soooo….if you are interested, click on the banner to the right and use the coupon code: webmachine. It will get you $9.94 off the package price you select.

If you are not interested…then don’t.

Oh, and thank you Nathan W. of Sass for the comment. I will indeed try upgrading Compass and haml/Sass again.

jQuery junkBox

This method will remove the parents of the matched element, while leaving the actual element in place. I can see the being useful if you want to replace what is there, or ditching a div.


This will unwrap the parents of any ul(s) in the element with the id of ‘container’.


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