HTML5, CSS3 and Apple’s push to kill Flash video

Let’s start with this article, shall we? Let me start off by saying I used to be a macophile. Loooooved macs. That was over 5 years ago. Now I hate them. Why? Because of all of their proprietary crap, and how closed off they are. Oh, and the iPad? Junk. For many reasons, but that is a whole other discussion.

That aside, I actually WANT Apple to push for getting rid of Flash video. Why? Cause it is a pain in the ass for people who don’t work with video often. Putting in an HTML5 tag to handle some video would simplify things a great deal. Flash is good for interactive websites, banners, and animations, and that is where it should stay. Inserting video should be an easy process, not a freakin’ chore. So go for Jobs, on that one.

The problem? Only 3 browsers support HTML5. Safari 4, Chrome, and Firefox 3.5 and up. IE6-8 is a no go, and we know Microsoft still controls the market share on the browser war for now. IE9 will, but that isn’t here yet, and you still have to get those irritating people using the other versions to upgrade….noooo easy feat there. So getting rid of Flash video is not going to happen anytime soon.

I would much rather see CSS3 fully supported first, but there is still the same problem as HTML5. The technology is there, but unfortunately the average person doesn’t know, and doesn’t really care as long as they can view Facebook, or whatever the hell it is they are browsing.

So here is to the long wait to get to be where we want to be in the web development arena. Only, by the time we get there, we’ll have other things that will annoy the hell out of us.

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  1. John Dowdell says:

    Hi, “easier tagging” is certainly a seductive claim. But Apple-style “‘HTML5′ video” won’t play in the most popular “HTML5″ desktop browser (Firefox), nor the most popular mobile browser (Opera). For an example of realworld tagging try search query “‘video for everybody’”.


  2. jcDesigns says:

    What exactly do you mean “won’t play”? I was under the impression that if you include 2 source files, the mp4 AND an ogg, it indeed would work in FF. Is this not true? This link seems to say differently than what you are saying:

    From what I found searching for “video for everybody”, like you said, the first link in the search, shows how to get video playing for everyone, using a ton of fallbacks. But…it also shows in the source code they are showing that you use the ogg source tag in the video html5 tag.

  3. John Dowdell says:

    “But Apple-style “‘HTML5′ video” won’t play in the most popular “HTML5″ desktop browser (Firefox), nor the most popular mobile browser (Opera). “

    Yes, that’s right, “Apple-style ‘”HTML” video’” is encoded in a codec that other “HTML5″ browsers can’t play. That’s one reason why the line about “‘HTML5′ tag being simpler” has difficulties. In theory… yes. But in practice….


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