Had issues with my blog….WordPress theme scare

I was making some changes to my blog, and one of them was to change the version of jQuery I was using. I wanted to go to 1.4.2, but to make sure I had the most updated copy of my functions page (cause I do stuff to it on multiple computers), I downloaded the page. I was using Dreamweaver to do the ftp, cause it was a quick thing. Well the formatting was off in code, but I didn’t think anything of it. I made my change, and re-uploaded it.


Because when i logged in, instead of going to dashboard, I got redirected to a completely blank page. This has happened to others apparently. I renamed my theme so it would it would load the default one. That worked, so I knew it was within the Web Machine theme. Then uploaded my old copy of the functions page, with the original formatting, and bam everything was fixed. But how do you know it was not something you coded? Because all I changed was a number, and after I figured out the formatting thing, I again changed the number and it was fixed. Scared the hell out of me though.


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