YSlow & Minify…what it did for me…now you

Yslow is a Firefox addon, I suggest downloading it. It gives you all sorts of cool stats on how your website is performing. Such as, an overall Grade and score, and most importantly, the number of http requests and the total weight of your page.

After downloading Yslow, here was the stats of my home page (http://www.jc-designs.net):

website stats1

Then, I downloaded something called Minify, which you can get here. It is a php script that combines all your css files into one, and all your js files into one. The directions are pretty easy.

Once you have downloaded it, put it on your server in the root directory, and open this url: http://yoursite.com/min/builder/.

You then add all of your css files, in the order you have them in. Be careful here…if you have any @import in your main css file, it will screw it up. Trust me, I found this out before I actually read the line that tells you that. Once you have all the files listed, click on update. It then gives you the html to use to replace the linked css files. Plus a line to add to one of the minifier config files. I know, sounds scary, but on that build page, it tells you exactly what to do. Then you do the same for the js files.

What does all that crap get you? Read on!

Well after I did this to my home page, here is what Yslow gave me for a performance score:

web stats 2

I went from a D grade, to a C. Dropped the number of http requests by 10, from 34 to 24, and my total weight went from 417.3k to 228.9k. Not freakin’ bad for 10 minutes worth of work. I then went and updated the rest of my site.

Of course…I wanted to do this to my blog here….but i can’t. Well, at least I don’t want to, cause I’m scare. For one, I can do nothing to my js scripts other than the file I wrote, but it is only 1.8k…not over worried. The other though is for a WordPress plugin, and the other is actually linking to Google’s jQuery 1.4 min file. Not sure what I can do with those. So if anyone with experience in WordPress and Minify can help me out, let me know. I also only have 2 css files – 1 for a plugin, and my main one. both are fairly small. I could reduce it with Minify, but I’m not into going through all my files again. I’m not even done with the blog yet, so maybe later.

Anyway, for the small amount I did, I hope you see the worth of both of these items.

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