Snippely – a little Air program for snippets

Snippely - Snippet notepadI can’t remember where I go the link from the other day, but here is where you can get Snippely. As to what it is…well…not much. If you are not using Evernote, and you should if you are not, then I guess Snippely would be better than saving notes from notepad. Only slightly though.

I know this is not starting off well, but for some reason I had much higher expectations. A dumbed down version of Evernote. What is it though? Literally a notepad that saves all your notes in one place. There only 4 buttons: + (add a group), – (delete a group), Add code, and Add note. No copy buttons, or tags….nothing. But again, if you have nothing else, this would do the trick. Just don’t look for any bells and whistles.


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