FireShot screen grabber for Firefox

I had been a big fan of the Screengrab! plugin for Firefox, but for some reason it will not take screen shots of the sites we create for my work. Must be something we do with our template/cms stuff that conflicts…I don’t know. So I needed a new solution, and I found one. Here is a link to the Fireshot plugin. I have the latest FF version (3.6.2), and I haven’t had any issues. Here is an image of what it puts on the bottom of your browser window:

Fireshot plugin tools

Allows you to do a lot of things…edit the shot, upload it, copy only a selection, copy entire page or window, print…lots of good stuff. Great little plugin if you ever need to do screen shots of your sites.

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  1. Eh, I just use paint for this, haha. Rarely do I actually need to see the entire page when I take a screen shot. I’m usually just looking to isolate a certain portion.

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