Write Javascript and preview it easily!

Found this awesome link browsing through something or watching a video. Sorry, can’t remember specifics, but now that I have it, I use it all the time. Check out JS Bin.

Type your javascript on the left, paste in your html/css on the right, select what javascript library you would like to use, and finally click preview!

Special note – do NOT click the Revert button unless you REALLY want to clear everything. Otherwise, it deletes out what you just put in. Found that out the hard way. I thought it was a refresh button at first, and it took out everything I had just typed. Sucked.

Also, if you are using a library that it does not have in the include drop down box (Ext. for example), no problem. Just paste in a script tag that links to it in the html head on the right. And bingo!

Make use of it, I am!

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