Blog redesign….its in the works.

new blog redesignLets begin again. A reintroduction if you will. What the hell is the point of this blog? Good question. I don’t know how many people, if any, actually read these posts. Really, it doesn’t matter. I think I write them for myself, to prove I am actually learning stuff along the way. Its mainly here to help beginners in web design/development. Tricks I’ve picked up to make my life easier, and hopefully yours, or things that took me a while to figure out through many a google search. If you have some years behind you though, and you learned something, I’m glad. Let me know by posting a comment. Oh, and I’m redesigning it!

What won’t you see here? Damn, you guys are doing awesome with these questions. You won’t see a freakin’ 50 AMAZING ICON SETS lists, or why beer sites suck even though they are selling cool products. There are enough of those kinds of web mags. I’m not that. Of course if I’m offered the money, I’m sorry, but I will be selling out in a second. You would too, so shut up.

What you will see though are posts that tell you how to use a png in IE6 without any scripts, cool links to sites for tutorials or freeware that has helped me…like evernote. That damn thing has saved me so much time and headaches. Thank you to the guys that came up with that bit of kick ass.

I plan on writing a tutorial on how to do a WordPress theme. Lame you say? Cause its been done? Ya, but they all suck. Mine will tell you what lines to copy and paste where, and that is it. Soooo much easier than half the crap I’ve read. I can’t claim the credit though. My supervisor at work was the one that told me how to do it. I’ve told him to write it up, but he never seems to find the time. Here is a link to his site to give him a little props: I think if this tutorial were up somewhere, there would be a lot more happy developers in the world.

Anyway, I’m starting to like this blog, and I thought I would take some time to give it a design of itself. Not only that, but I gave it a title. Web Machine. I have a fascination with machines….anything mechanical with lots of parts. I designed a german style board game called The Machine some years ago (which sold about 15 copies, thank you very much!), and the idea has always stuck in my head. Some of you maybe chuckling to yourself saying, “Wow, that is lame.” Guess what…I don’t care. Go write your own damn blog, this one’s mine.

Why not a full blown redesign of my entire site, you ask? Well…my wife talked me out of it. She said the new look is too, hmmm, professional….corporate? I don’t know, but anyway, she convinced me to keep my old one. She likes it. I do too, but I’m really starting to like this new one as I work on it. But for now, I will let her win. She is usually right anyway. This new one has a lot in common with some popular web magazines. You might see my influences, you might not. But all-in-all, it will be my own creation.

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