New freelance site done in WordPress

I’m currently working on a freelance project for a builder in Palatine called APSE builders. Started with nothing except what links would be on the page…that’s it. Sometimes that is all a client has to give you, along with a few sites they like or don’t like. In this case, I had the freedom to do what I wanted for the most part, except for the logo. He had specific ideas on what he wanted, I just refined them.

This is my first COMPLETE site done in WordPress. Obviously this blog is, but this project is done completely using it. Thank God for my supervisor giving me a short lesson, because all the tutorials I’ve seen are completely over complicated. It is actually quite easy, which surprised me. I’m going to be writing some of my tutorials of my own on how to do it later on.

Anyway, check out the site so far at:

I just need to add content and some video to this site and I am done.

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