About Me

For a chronicle of my education and work experience please see my professional resume.

In addition to my occupational aspirations in web design, I indulge my creative nature with several hobbies.

My long time love of electric guitar has brought my music appreciation full circle from metal to jazz. In the past I performed at area bars and clubs with a small band. Currently, I keep my skills sharp with weekly lessons.

I love strategizing through all kinds of gaming, such as video games (currently wii), poker, and German board games. I look forward to my annual trek with several college friends to Columbus, Ohio for a weekend of hard core gaming at the Origins convention.

On a personal note, I strive to combine my traditional rocker image with that of super dad and husband. My music performances these days are jam sessions with my toddler on drums and my preschooler on a Hello Kitty guitar. My wife of over twelve years is still my biggest fan.

To further complicate my persona, I enjoy growing orchids and reading.